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3 of Cups

“…We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and one another and especially how to work well together. Ultimately, it’s comforting to know that we can operate a business together that is built on a foundation of trust and love.”

-3 of Cups


Women posses magical powers, the creators of 3 of Cups are no exception.  When I found out about the work these two ladies do, I couldn’t help but to be in love with it. 3 Of Cups is a boutique event coordination company, specializing in creative and non-traditional weddings and parties. I was curious about the process and inspiration behind the work these two ladies put into their creations, aside from the fact that they are best friends and charismatic as hell, they focus on doing events and designs that break the standards, and most certainly, they break the rules.

I had the pleasure of sitting with these two creative and inspiring ladies and get to know their ideas, plans, and work. I will be partying with them pretty soon at the Halloween Open House, so if you are in the lookout for wedding and event vendors please come say hi with your costume, you’ are invited! Click on the links for all the info.


Please read on for this interview, and if you are looking for somebody to design and coordinate your event, I suggest you keep scrolling down. Enjoy!


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Can you introduce yourselves and let us know a little bit about what 3 of Cups is?

JESSICA: My name is Jessica Ryan. My side of the company is 3 Of Cups Weddings + Events (3 Of Cups Events LLC). I work collaboratively with clients to plan and coordinate their event/wedding. I am also Director of Events at The Sanctuary Events for the Amala Foundation.

3 Of Cups clients range from “classic” to “non-traditional” to full out “Rock ‘N Roll”. We’re a liberal company in the wedding industry. We’re HUGE supporters of Marriage Equality and we consider our company a mission of activism. #LoveWins


COLEY: Coley Jackson here! 3 Of Cups Design + Florals is an alternative event design and floral company based out of Austin, TX. Our client packages range designing corporate activation event lounges to alternative wedding clients. Our team allows for our clients to enjoy the day of their event by providing decor set-up, design, sourcing, and tear-down. Design is our passion and we have a serious love for tablescapes, botanicals, blooms, rock music and eclectic events. We hope to help you party soon!


Can you tells us more about the name of 3 of Cups?

JESSICA: 3 Of Cups is a card in the Tarot. It symbolizes “celebration in the highest spirits”. This card came to me every time I pulled a card from my deck, no matter how many times I shuffled the cards. The image on the card is three women holding cups of wine. In some artistic interpretations, these women are saluting their glasses to a bride. When I looked more into it, the 3 Of Cups card also represents someone outside of the intimate circle of friends and family to watch over the celebration… I thought… “this is totally my destiny!”. The 3 Of Cups card also features flowers in the imagery to represent the “scents of the sweet times in our lives”, which planted the seed that grew into Coley’s side of the business, 3 Of Cups Design + Florals.

3 of Cups Design + Florals has the opportunity to design and create the aesthetic of special events. It’s a true honor to have our clients entrust the overall look and feel of the event to our team of stylist, florist, and designers. 3 Of Cups represents the overall community and celebration that our business encompases and creates.


What is your Ideology as business owners?

JESSICA: Coley and I are both really practical and down to Earth. We genuinely care about our clients. We both take our work way too personally for our own good. Our goal is to communicate well with our clients so that they feel heard, understood, and supported. We are always learning and growing. Our business is “US”, so we want to put our best selves forward.


A lot of love goes into your business. What is it about your process that makes your work so special?

JESSICA: Establishing 3 Of Cups has given us the opportunity to grow an independent, women-owned business together, which is liberating and empowering! Our goal is to work with like-minded folks and grow in the direction of mindful business practice. We have had the opportunity to grow closer in our own friendship through 3 Of Cups and develop friendships with both our clients and collaborative vendors. If we didn’t LOVE it, we wouldn’t be doing it.


COLEY: Our team sees the opportunity to create an interactive event space with every floral and design client. With our teams backgrounds ranging from  tattoo, fashion, design, and installation arts; a unique perspective is present for every Of Cups Design + Florals client.


Who is your ideal client?

JESSICA: Coley and I vibe with folks that fit our personalities. My clients can be really laid back or super type-A Project Manager types… I embrace them all! I approach every client with total transparency. I appreciate clients that honor the work that I do. I especially love making new friends! It is so nice to be invited to Rehearsal Dinners and receive little Thank You cards and gifts… it makes me feel so loved and appreciated.


How is it working with your best friend?

JESSICA: We pretty much start our day with an hour long phone conversation…. I should reword that, I start my days around 10am with a call from Coley, because she’s already been up for hours, taken her kid to school, and run a million errands. We’re always talking about our work, which our romantic partners have grown to accept.

We motivate and encourage one another. We also have to hold one another accountable. We have to be able to “get real” with one another. It does get tough, just as any meaningful relationship does. However, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and one another and especially how to work well together. Ultimately, it’s comforting to know that we can operate a business together that is built on a foundation of trust and love.


Where do you begin when working with your clients? What’s your process like?

JESSICA: I first meet with potential clients for a complimentary consultation to see if we’re a good fit. I require a minimum of 3 collaborative planning meetings to create the timeline, confirm vendors, layout design, rain plans, etc. It’s crucial my clients and I take this allotted time together to not only plan the logistics, but to get to know one another and form a bond. I understand how weird it can be to have someone you don’t “know” at your wedding. Weddings are particularly important and highly emotional. I need to know how to read my clients, so I can support them. I’m not a mind reader, but I try my best to be intuitive. At the end of the day, their happiness is what matters to me. My hope is that all of my clients acknowledge the true importance of their wedding day. You can’t plan for real life and weddings happen in real time. I can only create a plan and the rest is up to fate!


We work in a really creative industry. How does creativity changed your life?

JESSICA: Before 3 Of Cups, Coley was the General Manager of Spider House Cafe + Ballroom and I was programming events for the venue. When I became Director of Events at The Sanctuary Events for the Amala Foundation, I saw the need for Weddings + Event Coordination and started 3 Of Cups. I asked Coley to join me as my Creative Partner and VIOLA! We have the good fortune of using our creativity into building 3 Of Cups together.


How do you describe your style?

JESSICA: Because of our personalities and Coley’s creative style, 3 Of Cups exists on the more alternative edge in the wedding industry. On the Wedding Coordination side, I hold a very intimate space for couples throughout the process of planning their wedding. There’s a tender balancing act always in place. I often feel like I am a couple’s counselor. My role requires a lot of patience, listening, and making sure things get done efficiently and on time. I have to learn the best way to work with every individual personality and how they deal with emotions, stress, family… the list goes on. Ultimately, I want to be personable and rock the party!

COLEY: 3 Of Cups Design + Florals design is:

Part Mrs. Roper (Vintage Freak) + Botanist (3 Of Cups Florals) + Iggy Pop (Rock Star)+Nuclear Housewife (MCM Obsessed)

We hope you love the eclectic, wacky, and rocking style of our alternative event design + florals brand!


What do you like about weddings?

JESSICA: I don’t think either of us thought we’d flourish in the wedding business, but it’s been perfect for us both. I’ve never been married. I haven’t even considered marriage for myself… until very recently. But I do LOVE love.

I come from a background in theater. As a Wedding Coordinator, I feel that I am the Director collaborating with the playwrights and the actors of a true-life-love-story to be told. Folks are often overwhelmed by the word “wedding”. Given my approach to marriage and weddings in general, I can relate! Each wedding enriches my understanding for love and the bravery it takes to make a commitment to a chosen life-partner. I always cry during Wedding Ceremonies….

PS: We both support joyous Divorce Parties for couples that mutually agree to end their marriage with respect, honor, and love for one another.


COLEY: The sheer love and hope of those silent moments during the ceremony is so genuine and true.  No matter what, those very moments are, the reason the 3 Of Cups Design + Florals team does weddings.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

JESSICA: I’m not the type to look at wedding magazines and try to copy the next “trend”. I encourage my clients to find what’s unique about them both as individuals and together as a couple. There’s an element of self-reflection involved in this process. I get inspired by the aspects of “FUN” and “PLAY” that make the experience unique and personalized. The element of  “SURPRISE!” is an exhilarating theme. I have clients that book surprise stilt walkers, alpacas, and even a Surprise Wedding where the guests don’t even know that the couple’s getting married! Now that’s inspiring to me.


COLEY: Art, Design, and everyday simple moments, TRAVEL!


In which way do you complement each other to spark creative energy?

JESSICA: I’m a Pisces and Coley’s a Virgo. We balance each other out. The way I explain is that I build a functional skeleton and Coley makes it look FABULOUS!

We get to be more creative when we’re working on events that aren’t weddings. I LOVE creating fun theme parties. We’ve produced huge club parties for New Year’s Eve and we regularly produce Open House events for venues. Everyone is invited to attend our Halloween Open House Costume Party on Sunday Oct. 30th, 2016 from 6:00-9:00pm at The Sanctuary Event Space (1006 S 8th St Austin, TX 78704).  Click on the link if you want to attend! Sanctuary Halloween Open House


Is the other person always involved in what you do?

Sometimes Coley and I get to work with the same client and other times we have separate clients and projects. We’re two different companies under the same name at

Our teams work together and with other coordinators/designers! Two businesses, one name!


What is your dream project?

JESSICA: My dream is to manage my own venue and even live on the property.


COLEY:Whoa! If that’s not a loaded question to our creative minds. Let’s give you a sneak peek, maybe into the future, of 3 Of Cups Design + Florals.

Dream Projects include: photography art direction, own a private retreat/events space in Puerto Rico, style major corporate clients ad campaigns, produce large art events that give unknown artists a space to grow, produce and design corporate activations! Dream On Lovers!


How do you play your cards?

JESSICA: I’m a straight shooter. I’ll lay all my cards down for you to see. I don’t have anything up my sleeve. And I just play for fun!

COLEY: I’m a risk taker. I really want to play by the rules, but if we can bend them, why not!




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