I think one of the hardest thing to do is to change your life, to wake up one day and say ‘I think I need to move to another city’. Well, almost two years ago I decided to change cities and move from El Paso to Austin, TX.  Why? Because I needed a change, my husband wanted a change, as a family we needed a change. It’s really easy to want something, but to make the decision in one week and follow through wasn’t easy, especially because we didn’t have jobs waiting for us and we needed to start from zero.  We realize that our creative lives are so valuable that we needed to spend our energy pursuing creativity no matter what.



I created Ideology Photography 8 years ago I was comfortably based in El Paso TX. and was mainly photographing weddings. When I decided to move to Austin I decided to rebrand and change logo, style, audience, and of course “ideology”. I wanted to challenge myself in order to grow as a person, and challenge the competitive industry by understanding and respecting who I am as a photographer. However, I was full of feelings, thoughts, distractors. Fear I won’t have any clients, nobody knows me in this big city, there are far better photographers than me. My heart pounding as fast as it can, short, rapid breaths, and my mom telling me that everything will work out as it always does. All of it is still in my memory. The truth is that changing wasn’t easy: it took time, effort, patience, courage, and most of all honesty. Yes, staying true to who I am, to what I want, and to where I want to go was the hardest thing. After a year of designing a new logo, taking courses, workshops, changing website, and meeting new creatives in Austin, I am ready to start again. I‘m ready to learn, to fall, and to get on my feet again, but most of all to photograph new people and share images with you. Yes, I left behind the beautiful desert  sunsets, great friends and family, but following my heart never made more sense.

Today I’m ready to share my Ideology with you!

Thanks to my family and friends who inspire me and who believe in me, you make me believe that incredible things can happen, without you this change would’ve been impossible.

Shout out to Alejandro Gomez for making an exceptional job designing the logo. Check out his work here http://intheointment.com/







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