I was very excited when Jennifer and Jack won the wedding giveaway last year. I’ve always been inspired by love stories and this one was no exception. The photos of these two together are the sweetest thing — you can tell by the way they look at each other just how in love they are. Please read on to get to know this amazing love story and don’t forget to press play to watch the slideshow.





How did you meet?
We bumped into each at a bar (Yellow Jacket). We kind of knew each other from Virginia.
Do you have a fynny, romantic, or touching story about your relationship?
We’ve always been in the same place, but didn’t know each other. Our high schools were in the same district. Then I went to college in Richmond, VA, where he moved with his ex and worked in a skate shop. We had some mutual friends, but didn’t know each other well. I only have 20 photos from my only art show in VA and Jack is in one of the 20! Bumped into Jack after living in Austin, TX for a few years. Turns out we both spent the summers in Michigan on our separate family’s property. Now, when we go to Michigan, we can be with and visit both families! Very serendipitous.

Where and how did he propose?

His grandparents made a labyrinth on their Michigan property. Even tourists come to visit it and leave trinkets and notes. We walked the maze together and at the end of the maze in the center of it is a stone bench. Jack told me that he loves the labyrinth because of the inevitable path it takes you on. He said he’d like that take that path with me, got on both knees (ha!) and proposed! We popped a cheap bottle of champagne that was in the cabin and sat on the dock with our dog, looking out over the lake and enjoyed it for ourselves before calling our families and friends.

Favorite Song

The Vibrators- “Baby, Baby”

How do you like to break the rules?

By being salty, straight up, and not taking any shit

The head or the heart

Both: Emotionally pragmatic

What do you love most about her? How does she make you feel? What is the wildest thing she ever did?

I love her compassion, she puts everyone in front of herself. She takes great care of the people she loves.
She makes me feel safe, important, and whole.
Not safe for TV

What do you love most about him? How does he make you feel? What is the wildest thing he ever did?

I love his demeanor, patience, and humor. He never complains and he works hard. He is a great friend and very generous. Everyone loves him!
Jack makes me feel safe and loved. He always treats me with kindness and is very patient with me. I’m the blabbering Type A neurotic. He’s the yin to my yang. He’s so caring and funny as hell.
Wildest thing he ever did in his life or with me? Well, with me… maybe when he slammed his foot on the gas of his Volvo speeding up this tiny dirt driveway surrounded by trees up to his cabin. It scared the shit out of me. I think his dad used to do it and Jack had the driveway path memorized.

What are your favorite things to do together?

Cook for friends, go to Michigan, sit on the couch drinking wine or tequila with out dog and watching TV, going out to eat, bowling, motorcycle rides

How do you, as a couple, want to be remembered?

Generous and fun






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