“It’s a combination of things, really. Work hard, stay humble. Always find room to evolve and grow. And, most importantly, do everything with intention.”

-Mandy Millican


I believe yoga is a continual and constant practice of presence and compassion. I believe marriage is a continual practice of presence and compassion. One of the most productive and beneficial things we could be doing for ourselves is finding more stillness in our everyday lives. It makes our days so much smoother, our minds so much more clear and our overall perspective much happier. Imagine your wedding planner is also a yoga teacher, and the morning rush on your wedding day can start with this beautiful practice. The feeling you get when you’re done, and that glow you get can stay with you and you’re bridesmaids throughout the day. Calm and clarity are words usually not related to weddings, but yoga it’s so relaxing and helps to release all stress and tension from the long day ahead.

I met Mandy a few weeks ago, I must say I felt like I’ve known her for years. There is something so familiar about her, she’s carefree, fun, bohemian.  She is a smart woman with a wild heart full of adventure. She is the owner, planner, and designer of Modern Whimsy Events, a yoga instructor, and creator of many more exciting things.  The summer is almost over, that means wedding season is about to get swinging in Austin, so if you’re planning to get married in the near future keep scrolling down. Please read on to this this interview and let Mandy tell the story. Find out more about this beautiful woman who is challenging the wedding industry with modern, edgy, and unique ideas.



  • Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Mandy- native Texan, lover of sleeping in, hammock lounging, and an organized email inbox. I own Modern Whimsy Events, am a yoga teacher, and a self-care facilitator with Mindful Moments ATX.

  • Can you tell us more about Modern Whimsy Events?

Modern Whimsy Events is a boutique wedding planning & wedding design company here in Austin, founded in 2010. I strive to create unique weddings that tell a story, both in an overall design aesthetic & the implementation of small and meaningful details. It’s such rewarding work, to meet couples and hear their stories, and then create an event that speaks to who they are as a team, a partnership. I also offer Wedding Day Yoga, as a way to center in and start the wedding day with an open heart and an attitude of gratitude (and no stress!).

  • What is your ideology as a business owner?

It’s a combination of things, really. Work hard, stay humble. Always find room to evolve and grow. And, most importantly, do everything with intention.

  • A lot of love comes in to your business. What is it about your process that makes your work so special?

I approach every aspect of the planning process with compassion. Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, even for the most organized folks, and emotions are often high. I try to hold space for my clients, even beyond the logistical elements of planning an event, so that they feel comfortable letting me know about any familial stressors, personal issues around the wedding that they may be dealing with, and even just the “oh shit this is crazy!” moments that they often experience.

  • Who is your ideal client?

Couples who enjoy a modern aesthetic, have an intentional approach to planning, and aren’t afraid to try something unique with their event!

  • Why is it important to incorporate yoga into a wedding day?

It’s the act of intention that’s most important. Yoga is a fun and healthy vessel for that. Taking the time to slow down, remember why you’re about to make this commitment, and center into those true feelings…it really changes the tone of the rest of the day. Everyone who participates has a glow about them after the class. It’s a special experience.

  • How do you describe your style?

Modern, organic, intriguing, and personal.

  • What do you love about weddings?

I love that I get to help create and hold space for people to celebrate a milestone in their life. Bonus points if we get to make it beautiful!

  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

Lots of places…nature, pieces of art that I stumble across, the ambiance of certain spaces, and my couples’ individual stories and styles.

  • How do you break the rules doing what you do?

The exciting thing about current wedding culture is that it’s all about breaking the rules/old traditions, and we’re seeing more and more uniqueness in what couples bring to the wedding planning table. Forgoing traditional ceremony specifics, finding venues that are off the beaten path, even down to the food that they serve their guests…just a few ways to put a twist on things.

  • What other projects do you have going on?

I co-founded a self-care workshop series with my friend Maggie Gentry called Mindful Moments. We focus on ways to educate and encourage self-care in its many forms, and our 2 hour workshops often feature a guest speaker who is an expert in a certain field. It’s been so much fun creating this passion project and seeing our community grow.

  • As a creative woman. How does creativity change your everyday life?

I’ve been dedicating more time to cultivating my creative side, lately: Taking time to listen to music and write down how it makes me feel. Giving myself design challenges where I play off of a color or pattern, just for the fun of it. I’m hoping to open up more space in my life to try new art projects, as well.

  • What other talents do you incorporate to the wedding planning?

Fun fact: I used to be a sergeant in the US Army. I have some experience with, literally, rallying the troops. So I guess you can say that’s a talent that I bring to the table. 🙂



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