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Austin Rug Co.

“I think being “free”  means, being able to completely be yourself. When you surround yourself with people that genuinely care and love you for who you are, that feels free. What better feeling than others seeing you the way you view yourself.”

-Alli Pozeznik


Austin Rug Co. is a collection of Turkish vintage rugs curated by the company creator, Alli Pozeznik. Moving to a city like Austin inspires you to create, she was feeling the need to creatively express herself, so she decided to start her own business.  Alli set the goal of “act on inspired thoughts” and I believe this is a wonderful way to start anything in your life. Following your heart and your instincts is challenging and yet so powerful. I’ve seen Alli follow the path of creating and feeling amazingly happy with the result of her passion. Her taste and selection are impeccable, you are immediately transported to a beautiful sunset in the southwest.  The modern looks and the coziness of the rugs will truly make you feel unique, they will set the perfect mood to welcome your loved ones. I love, believe, and support her project so very much.  Dreams become reality, below is her story, and for anyone who’s ever had the need to create and to start a business of their own please take a read.







  • Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Alli Pozeznik, I am a former oncology/ICU nurse and am currently working in the pharmaceutical industry in sales. More recently, and creatively, I am the owner of Austin Rug Co. I have partnered with a Turkish Rug purveyor in Izmir, Turkey and curate a collection of vintage rugs I sell here in Austin. The woman I work with has been buying and selling rugs for 20 years with her family, she mentioned with confidence the other day that, “The rug business is the best work in the world.”

  • Where did you grow up and how does that shape what you do today?

I grew up in Middlebury, a small town in Northern Indiana. I had a great childhood there. I do not think the town itself made me who I am but what I remember the most throughout my childhood and adolescence was my mother also making opportunities to express my creativity. I vividly remember a whole closet in our basement devoted to craft supplies and materials to create almost anything I wanted to, I remember my sister and I constantly dressing up from our costume closet. I remember my mom’s own creativity expressed in our “pre-Pinterest” childhood birthday parties, customized to highlight our current interests. Kitten cakes, Safari scavenger hunts, taking my friends to a bead store to make jewelry, to name a few. Those memories are the foundation where I remember feeling special for having a creative mind and knowing this was a gift that made me unique and gave me happiness.

  • Name something you love, and why?

I absolutely love brainstorming ideas. The task of finding creative answers to problems gives me so much energy. As a nurse, I had to use critical thinking when I took care of my patients. I loved it. I have found though when I can use this skill set in a creative process, I find joy when my brain comes to life with possibilities.

  • What skills or talents do you think would make you even more successful?

    To continue to act on inspired thoughts. This has been my 2018 mantra.  The notion that ideas have entered into YOUR mind for a reason is so powerful. We are all unique in so many ways, we all have different gifts and strengths we were born with. Why not trust in that? Why not let yourself feel excited about a new idea and then work towards making it a reality?

  • How did you find your passion?

I referenced this earlier, but as a young child I knew being creative made me happy. For many years, I didn’t know how exactly that would come to fruition but deep down I trusted that was who I was and someday I would be able to express it more intentionally.

  • What is your ideology as a creative person?

To be working in a career that allows me to explore my creativity full time would be my ideology. The process in which one creates a new idea or business is incredibly fulfilling.

  • How do you overcome your fears?

I don’t know if I focus on overcoming my fears, fear is one of the most powerful motivators. I think that’s what continues to push me forward. To want more, to refuse to “be enough”. The fear that motivates me the most, is the fear I won’t live out my dreams in this life. This fear pushes me to keep looking, to keep listening and to keep validating my gifts and talents.

  • In what way have you changed by following a wild passion?

    I feel that I trust myself more, that I believe that I can accomplish wild dreams. Austin is a city with such creative energy, when I moved here I knew these wild dreams were going to come to life and I would be surrounded by others that believed that to be true as well.

  • Who inspires you today?

Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris inspire me. They have literally created their own vocations. The businesses they created are so specific to what their strengths and gifts are. Isn’t that what we all are striving for? To feel that your day in and day out, really reflects who you are. At times, I am sure they felt doubt in their wild ideas or felt the fear of failure. Yet I imagine they too, had to say “yes” to those first inclinations that their idea maybe wasn’t “too wild” . That first “yes” lead them to a second “yes” and third and so on. I think when you see people fully living out their vocation it is a gift to themselves and everyone around them.

  • Professionally, what’s your goal?

Right now my goal is build the brand of Austin Rug Co. and continue to collaborate with other creatives in Austin. We will see where it takes me!

  • What is the best way to act on inspired thoughts?

For me, I try to be cognizant to the ideas that pop into my head, while that may be during conversations with my friends, jotting down dreams when I finish a long drive from work or continuing to read books that push me to trust the process and path that I am on. I am currently reading, You Are A Badass, by Jen Sincero. She describes her focus on the Law of Attraction and truly keeping your mind focused on the great things you want to happen in your life. Redirecting my thoughts to wild dreams and ideas, 1. Makes me happy and excited for the future and 2. I have seen these inspired thoughts come into reality.

  • How can women become more empowered?

I think women and men both has the capability to discover one’s unique gifts and talents. The process of finding out what you are good at can feel daunting but continuing to explore what makes you happy tends to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I find this to be very empowering. Being comfortable in your own skin and holding tight to what you know your strengths are (despite what others may think or feel) gives you a confidence no one can take away. Surrounding yourself with other motivated and confident women has also been important for me. If you can have one or two friends that can be your supportive sounding board it can be really meaningful.

  • What is being “free” mean to you?

I think being “free” to me means, being able to completely be yourself. When you surround yourself with people that genuinely care and love you for who you are, that feels free. What better feeling than others seeing you the way you view yourself.


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Courtney + Luis

“One of the things that I love most about Courtney is how powerful I feel around her”

-Luis Chapa


The love that Courtney and Luis share is beyond any words. Like any love story it has a magic of it’s own. Please let them share with  you their amazing story.

Where did you meet?

Luis and I met at a Lord Huron concert on Feb. 17th, 2014 – Luis came over to me and said something witty and I instantly laughed and felt comfortable around him. I was wearing cowboy boots & Luis asked if I two stepped and when I said I did, he said “where”? I said “The White Horse”. He then replied “I love the White Horse.” and we both decided why not go dance there that night. After hours of laughing and two stepping we ended the night drinking coffee at Star Seeds. Luis and I ended up reliving the exact same date the next night. Luis found us tickets to the show on Craigslist to see the show again. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

Favorite Song:

Lord Huron, She Lit a Fire or Chris Stampleton, More of You (our wedding song)

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

The Head or The Heart?

The heart for sure.

What are your favorite things to do together?

Spend Saturday morning drinking coffee and eating Luis’s potato & egg tacos or playing our favorite songs while taking a drive.

How do you, as a couple, want to be remembered?

That we were genuine and loving.


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5 Tips for Choosing the Wedding Invitation Your Heart Desires


“Feel the connection. If you share the same style, your combination of ideas will turn out incredibly amazing!”

– Cinthya Aguilar


I want to start this blog post by telling you my story with Cinthya. She is a former client of mine, and after we both moved to Austin, TX we became great friends. It is really easy to fall for her she is so charismatic and will always make you feel like you’ve known her for years. After she decided to launch Lunita Calligraphy, her business as a wedding stationary designer I couldn’t be more excited for her. She is very talented and passionate about her work and it reflects on the beautiful work she has done with now-married couples, I love that she is not only passionate about designing but she has a special love for weddings.

When choosing your wedding invitation there are infinite options, and if on top you have to decide on flowers, photographer, cake, venue, dress, it can get overwhelming.  How can you choose your ideal designer, color palette, paper, and style? Cinthya from Lunita is here to answer all those questions and give you the best tips to choose the perfect designer and invitation that will give a face to your event. Please read on to this interview and fall for her and her amazing creations.  Don’t miss the free customized design download from Lunita at the end of the post!




Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Cinthya Aguilar, and I am the founder and creative mind behind Lunita Calligraphy. I enjoy the small things in life, I love nature, messy hair, the ocean, mermaids and I am intrigued by the weirdness in dreams. I currently have a full time job as a Marketing Coordinator, I am pursuing a Graphic Design certificate, I try to workout at least 4 days a week and I work on projects for Lunita on my spare time. My days are crazy busy and I love it!

Where did you grow up and how did you discover your love for calligraphy and design?

I was born and raised in Cd. Juárez México, I moved to Austin almost 3 years ago in September 2014, after I got married to the love of my life.
I believe we are all born with a purpose, every single one of us is meant to do something special. I was that girl doodling everywhere! I mean, really my whole life I’ve been in love with design, lettering, typefaces, obsessed without knowing why to see other people’s handwriting. Ever since I have memory, illustrations, paintings and crafts have been my most delightful escape to my own perfect world. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago here in Austin, when I actually discovered my love for calligraphy.
Everything started as a hobby, after my husband gave me a set of watercolors, paper and brushes—yes that was the BEST GIFT EVER—so I started playing with it, then I found a calligraphy course online, I bought some nibs, india ink, smooth paper and began to practice. I fell in love instantly. I believe this passion has always been with me, if I look back in time, I’ve really been in love with this my whole life.

What is your ideology as a creative person?

Explore, try new things, pay attention to your surroundings, there is inspiration everywhere!

What is a must thing a couple should know when choosing the right wedding invitation?

It is all about their style, invitations have their own personality. Couples should think about their story, what style represents their love for each other.

What is your favorite part of the design process when working with a couple?

Meeting them. I love weddings… and getting to know the couple is definitely the best part. I get as much as excited as them about their big day! I truly understand how important it is to them to have the perfect invitation suite and I really put my heart into it, and do my best to create the perfect design for them.

How important is choosing the right color palette depending on the season?

I think this truly depends on the couple.  I mean, it’s their wedding, they can choose any colors they like. Of course I always give them my best suggestions depending on the theme of their wedding and the season, but at the end of the day, it’s their decision and it really doesn’t matter if their wedding is in the middle of summer and they want to go with a winter color palette. I’d make sure the color combinations work well together and that the whole composition suites their expectations.

Top 5 tips you can give a couple who are searching for the right designer

Great question, I hope this is helpful:

  1.       First of all, look at their previous work, if you like her style, well… hire her.
  2.       Don’t ask them to recreate someone else’s work. Every designer is different, and we all have style of our              own.
  3.       Feel the connection. If you share the same style, your combination of ideas will turn out incredibly amazing!        Think of the possibilities, two minds are better than one 😉
  4.       A good designer will always explain in detail the reasons behind their designs, why some typefaces work                better than others, what colors work better together, etc… Communication is key in the design process.
  5.       A good designer should also be a good listener. By actually listening, a designer can learn of what really                  matters to others rather than assuming we know what’s best for those we are designing for.

Do you have a ritual for inspiration?

Yes and no. Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it, and when that happens, I just write down that idea, draw a rough sketch, take a picture or make a note on my phone for later, and while sometimes this is an easy part of the process, other times you need to work a little more into it. My ritual starts by setting up some good 5 hours at least to begin—you never want to cut off inspiration. I start with a mood board, some color palette options, magazine cuttings, background music of course, then I begin to draw rough sketches, and finally put all the pieces together. Usually I have something in mind, but after a while working on it, it turns into something different, so I just go with it. Sometimes you end up having a great piece of art by accident! There is no right or wrong when it comes to inspiration… my advice? just go w i l d.

What kind of couples should contact Lunita?

All the couples in the world! Haha… A couple who has their own unique style and wants something custom made that will suit them perfectly.

What do you love about weddings?

Everything! I’ve been married for 3 years now, I’ve had one small and one big wedding already, and I am working towards convincing my husband to get married again! that is how much I love weddings.






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Margaret + Ryan

“My face is mine, my hands are mine, my mouth is mine, but my heart is yours.”



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Courtney Bianchi Chapa

“Stay true to what my gut tells me, follow my own arrow (even if others tell me otherwise)”

-Courtney Bianchi Chapa


For centuries witches had been women who heal, comfort pain, and help other women find their own power. This was a privilege of the free spirited, strong hearted, and those who challenged the rules. They always look for self-knowledge, they work with their imagination and their intuition, they dance, have conversations with the moon, believe in magic, they protect nature, have the power to create things, and the most important thing; they forget their head and listen to their heart.

We should take back that unity, become allies, sisters, accomplices. They say strong women are those who help empower each other, not those who destroy one another. It’s time we take back our wisdom and our confidence.

I’ve always been inspired by creative women, when I met Courtney a few months ago I instantly knew she was a powerful woman, an old wise soul. She is creative, kind, generous, believes in empowering women, and she is creating an unbreakable circle of those who seek creative success and follow their dreams.

She is the City Director for Batch Austin and Founder of Whiskey & Pearls. I’m honored to have met this woman and collaborate with her in some of her projects. Please take the time to read her words and fall in love with her ideas.

This post is dedicated to all women out there who live by their own law. Let’s keep creating, keep on dancing, and keep on holding each others’ hand.


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Courtney, believer in kindness, lover of good tunes & all things local to Austin, TX. I’m the City Director for Batch Austin and Founder of Whiskey & Pearls.

Where did you grow up and how does that shape what you do today?

I was born in Michigan but spent most of my childhood moving around the US & overseas in Denmark for a few years. I think living in different cities gave me the love of travel and exploring new places. Moving around made it easy to adapt to new surroundings and make friends quickly.

Name something you love, and why?

I love connecting people, it’s one of my favorite hobbies & parts of my job. There is something so rewarding about bringing two people together who have something in common. I also love trying new bars & restaurants in Austin…I’ve pretty much eaten my way through this town in the last 5 years.

What skills or talents do you think would make you even more successful?

Being unapologetically myself, be more fearless & not taking every person’s opinion to heart. This year my goal is to be very strategic with the opinions I listen to. It’s easy to get lost in the chatter if you’re not clear on where you’re going. This year I got clear on where I’m going and I’m so excited for the journey.

What is your dream project?

Whiskey & Pearls: to grow Whiskey & Pearls here in Austin, to add a positive podcast to the airwaves, and help women feel inspired and empowered to accomplish their dreams. We as women can be our biggest allies and also our worst enemies. I’ve worked with women where there was a sense of competition, judgement and cattiness. My hope is Whiskey & Pearls changes the cycle – that women can work in community not in competition. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in healthy competition – land that client, make that sale…just not at the expense of tearing someone else down to get you there. There is enough to go around for all of us, why not build each other up in the process.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Eeek, it’s so hard but so true!What do you like about your work? I love Austin and I love that I get to share amazing local brands with the community. I also love that I can help small businesses gain exposure & help my clients share happiness through local batch boxes.

What is your ideology as a creative person?

Stay true to what my gut tells me, follow my own arrow (even if others tell me otherwise). Be kind to others and stick close to people who I want to emulate & share my similar drive & passions.

How did you find your passion?

Lots of trial & error, lots of risk taking, lots of failing, consistently setting goals, journaling. Before I met my husband I really enjoyed being single and doing things on my own – in that time I really discovered what my passions were. Now being married, in a partnership where my husband encourages those passions, I feel even more confident to tackle and accomplish them.

How do you overcome your fears?

It’s a struggle every day, I can’t wait for the day when I become fearless. When that day comes I’m throwing confetti in the air and drinking champagne. Until then, I believe in the saying “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” & motivational pep talks on my morning walks. I know my neighbors must think I’m wacky but those walks totally transform my day. I also believe in surrounding myself with people who unconditionally love me and support me no matter what. Having that support and affirmation is so helpful in tackling my fears.

Who inspires you today?

Brene Brown and Sophia Amoruso (who wrote, GirlBoss/ & has the best podcast: GirlBoss Radio) –  both are doing exceptional work in empowering and inspiring women. They are unapologetically themselves and I love how they are always working towards being fearless, vulnerable and authentic. My husband also inspires me, I’m grateful I found someone who supports all my dreams, who will do anything to make me laugh & help me along the way.

How did creativity change your life?

It’s changed my life for the better and made me a happier, healthier person. I feel so alive & filled with joy when I have the freedom to be creative.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

Batch Austin: make Batch a household name for local gifting and be on top of mind when someone needs to send a thoughtful gift.

Why Austin?

I’ve lived all over and even overseas in Greece for a semester in college. I lived in NYC, visited Chicago and California and never felt those places were where I wanted to put down roots. About 6 years ago my friend, Nina B, suggested I check out Austin. When I did I remember saying to my friend, “I’ve found my people!” The food, the music, the energy of the city, the fact that people “don’t block the box” , and let you go every other person in the parking garage blew my mind with happiness. Everyone is so creative and willing to tell you where to find the best breakfast tacos in town – I love that.


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