“I’ve heard too many women in my life say “I just don’t get along with girls” or “I don’t like girls” and it has always broken my heart.”

-Haylie Raymond


I think by now you might notice that I am creatively driven and inspired by women. This interview is no exception. I think it is because I’ve found my strength when I’m close to strong woman. It has never been easy for women to get along and help each other, we are so distracted by what society tells us that we forget our true mission and the power we have when we are together. The feminine awakening is more frequent everyday, we are taking back our place in this world, we look and accept changes, we listen to our intuition, we are awake and alive!

The first time I heard about the work that White Light Studio is doing I was truly moved. This is  an all female work space where women can safely do their craft and teach other women how to do it. Their motto is “Because sisterhood makes the world stronger. Because when women work together and support one another we are more powerful than ever”

I interviewed Haylie Raymond the studio founder. Please read on and get to know how her hard work, dedication and love paid off to create this wonderful space. These photos are part of the East event hosted at the studio, where the incredibly talented women who work at White Light Studio got to show their work.

Let’s love, create, and make each other stronger!



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Who are you and what do you do?

Haylie Raymond. I work with my hands in a few different forms including antique furniture restoration, metalsmithing, and leather. I created White Light Studio as a furniture studio that has organically progressed into a special creative space for females.

Where did you grow up and how does that shape what you do today?

Houston. I loved the art museums there. It’s still my favorite part of the city.

Name something you love, and why?

I love animals. I can’t enough of their personalities! They continually teach me about what the essence of love really is.

What skills or talents do you think would make you even more successful?

That’s one big question I’ve been asking myself this month in particular. I’d love to find out.

How is it owning a studio as a woman?

Owning a studio as a woman has been both empowering and terrifying. I had no real intention of it becoming what it chose to become. I just kept saying yes and the people just kept coming so it obviously filled a need here. I am challenged by being in charge as I’m very independent and have a hard time delegating, monitoring, and renegotiating as the space grows and shifts its needs. It’s required me to expand my capacity for compassion and communication to a level I never knew was even necessary. It’s been truly exciting to see it all grow and feel the magic expanding inside and pouring out of the space. I don’t know what the future holds for White Light Studio I only hope it contributes to these women’s lives in a positive way while it’s around.

What is your business Ideology?

For sisterhood to empower each of us to reach our goals.

What was the main inspiration behind the work that you do?

I’ve always loved the inspiration and support I’ve received from my dearest girlfriends. I’ve heard too many women in my life say “I just don’t get along with girls” or “I don’t like girls” and it has always broken my heart. I was raised by strong females that worked hard to work through their differences to create a fierce team. I always carried this idea with me and insisted that if we work together as females we can begin a new conversation about how “We love girls” “We accomplish so much more together as women” I want the idea of “cattiness” to disappear and the idea of sisterhood to blossom.

What is White Light Studio mission?

A safe space for women to work both alone and together.

Professionally, what’s your goal?

To be honest the studio doesn’t have a professional goal. It just is what it is right now and it continues to evolve.

What is your dream project?

To expand and create a gallery that allows space for resident female artists coming through and showcasing their work, regular events, workshops, and after school programs for teenage girls.

How did you find your passion?

I am restless dreamer. I just keep searching.

Why Austin?

I came to Austin for metalsmithing school in 2005 and I’ve been working in the jewelry industry and other creative fields ever since. I can’t say it’s my first choice right now but it seems to be where I’m meant to be.

How did creativity change your life?

I’ve never known any other way. I’m not one who can live without creativity.

What is the best piece of advice you will to someone who wants to be philanthropic in their business?  

Listen with your whole heart. Not everyone who seeks your help actually needs YOU to be the one to help them. Helping people help themselves is an important gift to give as well.





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